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Travels with NGO and changes to my Blog

I’m happy after diving my website. Having a separate platform for wedding photography (don’t forget to check!) allows me to explore more other subjects I’m attracted to. From now on, my blog will focus mostly on my travels and documentary photography. My journal is coming back to its roots.

This year I went on several trips together with non-governmental organizations in order to document their efforts in different fields, issues they are facing, and stories of people involved. This type of work means many things: being on the road from 5 am every day, a few hours of sleep, being away from home for days, carrying heavy equipment everywhere, getting to remote places, crossing rivers alleys and omnipresent dirt roads. It can be overwhelming but at the same time so gratifying! I’ve seen so many amazing places, met so many incredible people, heard stories and seen different perspectives on life. I feel like I learned a lot through all those travels and years of work as a photographer. I would be happy if some of my photos could cause even a slight change, or at least bring a distant world closer to a bystander.

The photos I’m posting were taken during my trip with Seeds for Progress Foundation through northern Nicaragua to its heart - Nueva Segovia Municipal. The emphasis was placed on children’s education in coffee-growing regions. If you have any observations, questions, or would like to share any thoughts I invite you to use the comments section below or write to me directly at:

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