Nicaragua Beach Wedding, Robert & Grace

Nicaragua coast Wedding Photography | Robert & Grace

The Tola Region is one of my favorites areas in Nicaragua. Gorgeous beaches, tranquility, and salt in the air. Robert and Grace fell in love with this place, like I once had, and had chosen this spectacular scenery to be their wedding venue. They also told me they wanted to share its beauty with their loved ones. The ceremony took place right on the Popoyo beach next to an impressive rock formation called the ‘Magnific Rock’. The reception dinner and party were held in the hotel above accompanied by live music. A beautiful, intimate and relaxed ceremony filled with love.

Surfing in Popoyo Nicaragua
Beach wedding venue decoration Nicaragua.
wedding venue decoration nicaragua
Wedding decoration in Nicaragua
Magnific Rock
Groom getting ready
Getting ready for the wedding
Grace bride
Mother of the bride before the wedding ceremony Nicaragua.
bride portrait Nicaragua
Mother helping the bride before her beach wedding. Popoyo, Nicaragua
Wedding that took place in Popoyo Nicaragua
Beach wedding Nicaragua
Father walks bride to the altar Nicaragua
Beach wedding venue that took place in Popoyo, Nicaragua. Photography: Kuba Okon
Newlyweds Nicaragua beach wedding photography
Bride Nicaragua wedding venue
One of the most beautiful wedding venues in Nicaragua
wedding portrait nicaragua
Nicaragua Wedding photographer
mother of the bride
getting married
Groom wipes bride's tears in ceremony that took place in Popoyo beach Nicaragua 
wedding rings
Beautiful beach wedding in Nicaragua.   
wedding guest
Happy newlyweds
Family portrait.  Nicaragua destination wedding photography
Guests wedding
Magnific rock wedding
wedding dress
parents nica wedding
nica wedding
beautiful bride
Destination wedding photography in Nicaragua. Newlyweds posing for photography in Popoyo Beach,
Magnific rock
Nicaragua beach landscape
Nicaragua wedding photography
Bride and groom Nicaragua
Parents of the bride
Wedding dress Nicaragua beach
Tola wedding nicaragua
wedding surf
Nicaragua sunset
Beach wedding venue Nicaragua
Magnific rock wedding Kiss
Wedding kiss
Looking towards the horizon. Nicaragua beach wedding photography
flowers and rocks
Grace and Rob wedding
Mag rock
wedding venue tola popoyo
wedding dinner nicaragua
Groom and his mother performing the first dance. 
first dance
Live band Wedding Nicaragua
Wedding Party that took place in Magnific rock Nicaragua.
Magnific rock landscape